Great Day

08 September 2015
     Today's glorious day began with a yoga session followed by Banana Oat Pancakes. Oh my, were they ever so delicious! I love starting my mornings out with an early workout and a huge breakfast. 

Here's my bubs balancing his cup on his pancakes. 🙌🏼 You da man! 😆

     The school day was on par as well! First off, it felt like Christmas in my room. We got a Japanese Culture Kit from Carolina Navigators (I'll post more about that later this week), and then our school store opened up. My kids were so excited! Finally, the cash they had been earning grew in value!!!! 

     Rafe Esquith devoted an entire chapter of his bestseller "TeachLike Your Hair is On Fire" to rewarding students with cash. I tried it during my internship with my partnership teacher. She was a master! Oh. My. Lord. It works so darn well! Basically, kids earn money for positive behaviors. Don't take the money away for negative behaviors (Rafe explains why in his book), but pretty much, when they earn it, it's theirs to keep for-eva. 

    I had no clue what our school was going to do for the school store. I imagined it being outside in a small trailer with broken stuff laying all around (I really don't know why), but it looked so nice! The items were reasonably priced, and they were things the kids were going crazy over.


         Before we left, I told the kids that they needed to set a goal. I explained that a goal is like a wish. I have each one a post-it and had them take their pencils. They had to write down the item they wanted and the amount it costs. Don't even get me started on writing down goals. That's a whole other magical post waiting to happen! Anyways, it was going to be their goal to earn that cash. 

     They were excited! 

     When we got back to the classroom, I told the kids to place their post-it and the corner of their desks to remind them of that goal all day everyday. Let me tell you, not one of those post-it's were on the floor! They are motivated! Every single of my students went home on a good color today (PBIS chart). Whoop! 
     Okay and finally to make my day totally awesome, my husband cleaned the kitchen and brought me lunch on his day off! What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man! 🎶



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