Happy Labor Day!

07 September 2015
Hey teacher!

     I hope you are enjoying this well deserved Labor Day with good company, good health, and good food... and hopefully a good read! ;)

     While enjoying my cup of hot Joe on my day off this morning I was watching the news when a piece came on about "Stress at work can be just as harmful on the body as second-hand smoke." Teaching can be the most rewarding job and the most stressful at the same time. Right!? I guess with good there comes evil, but why not focus on the good? Let's crush the evil crap! 

     Teacher, I want you to know, that when you feel depleted and defeated, you are making a difference. Okay, I know that sounds cliche, but know that everyday you are making small gains in your classroom - some days more than others. You are a ROCK STAR! Those small gains add up. People don't lose 100 pounds overnight! It takes time.

     So you may have upset some parents on a new policy to help build independence in your classroom, but  remember your sole purpose - you are a teacher not a pleaser. Easier said than done, I know! When people give you grief for what you know is right, stick to your guns, and focus on what is right. You have great intentions!

     You have students that are way far below grade level, but you believe in them not for what they can do now, but for what they'll soon be doing. Communicate those goals with your students. For example, "Suzie, I am so proud of you for learning these new five words. I cannot wait until you master this next word list. I know you can do it!"

     You have crap overflowing your desk and grade book, but your students don't see the papers, they see you as their leader, their confidant, their support. Organize the papers as the come. Don't put it off or trust me, it will get bad.

     Teacher, you are amazing! You will create greatness within the walls of your classroom. Do not succumb to the mediocrity crap that gets shoved down your throat everyday. Focus on the blessings, the miracles, and most of all the love that is reciprocal between you and your students.

Have a beautiful and happy Labor Day! It is well deserved! 


Sarah Barnett 

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