Using Songs to Promote Literacy

30 March 2016

As promised from my last post, I am going to share more information about the session I presented at the North Carolina Reading Association. 

One of the topics I discussed was lack of engagement and poor attitude in readers. Students like this are often flipping quickly through books only to exchange one for another, they tend to have an overall lower proficiency in reading, and they tend to have a poor attitude towards reading. 

One of the strategies I presented was using songs to change the attitude in young readers and engage them in reading. I use two very important and helpful things for that. 

My students and I practice this with our National Anthem and pledge every morning, then I use transition songs to get my kids to clean up quickly, sit on the mat, and learn the lyrics to their favorite songs by READING! 

Using these songs has made our days more productive and positive. There's just something about music that nourishes the soul. It's almost like giving our brains a massage not only for my kids, but for me as well since every song is motivational, empowering, and uplifting. 

I have several students who came to me below proficient and have made growth when it comes to accuracy, but they still struggle with fluency and they don't like the way they sound when they read hence the negative attitudes and reluctance. 

Using these awesome songs for our transitions has not only helped my class from wasting time, but it's also helped them refocus on the next task, build fluency, and LOVE READING! 

Here's the link to my transition songs. I add them from time to time to keep the songs fresh and up to date. I'll post more soon, but for now it is Spring Break time. Enjoy! 

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