Math: The Daily 3

14 September 2016
The sisters have done it again! Not only do we have a Daily 5 for literacy instruction, we now have a Daily 3 for math instruction. I am really excited about this! 

I'm going to be focusing on three parts to math this year: number sense & facts, real world application, and common core. 

So I am thinking since I have one hour for math instruction, I'm going to divide it up by three. That's 20 minutes per round. I need about 5-7 minutes for a mini-lesson, and about 3 minutes for transitions. That gives us about 10 minutes per round for independent practice. It also gives me 30 minutes of small group instruction for those in the MTSS Tier II level. 

I am really excited that I will have 5-7 minutes to explicitly reach number sense and math facts because let's face it- one month out of the year is NOT enough for primary students! Research shows that students in K-2 need to conceptualize numbers. That takes repetitive practice. 

I also have time to teach the common core, which if my students are having ample practice with number sense, they should theoretically be able to grasp the core quicker.  I plan on doing a quick assessment afterwards using plickers multiple choice sign language to choose my small groups. 

Finally, we have time to teach and model real world applications - or solving word problems! Again, there is real time set aside to learning how to conquer those pesky word problems!

I think the Daily 3 is going to be a win for my classroom. I'm excited to see the results. I plan on beginning the implementation of our Daily 3 after reading assessments are over and after I have introduced place value to the whole group. So maybe by October we will be up and running with our Daily 3. 

Is anyone out there already using it? Please post in the comments below and let me know if you plan on using it, if you are, or if you are thinking about it. I'd love to get some feedback and get a group together to support each other. 

Happy teaching! 


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