I Lost My Dog!

08 January 2017
"Whoever said diamonds were a girls best friend never had a dog." 

     On December 22, 2016 at approximately 7pm, I let my dog outside for the last time. I didn't know it was going to be the last time, and I surely didn't want it to be for the last time. This little guy is my best friend! 

     He was born on February 24, 2008. I took him to my new home just six weeks later. He was the cutest ball of fur I ever held! I was nervous and afraid of being in a new town and all alone. That fluffy little 6lb. dog made me feel safe and kept me company. I remember taking him with me everywhere I went because he was so small and ignorant to the world around him. We went to fairs, stores, and mostly on walks all around our neighborhood and park. He followed me everywhere I went. I called him, "My Minion." I'm not exaggerating when I say that I could walk him off of a leash and he would follow me. 

     I had recently moved eight hours away from my parents house into my new home with my new (at the time) husband. My husband was gone for months at a time due to work. I was left in a new town alone. Although nobody knew, I had anxiety about meeting new people and being alone. The longer I had Pongo, the better my anxiety became. He gave me a sense of security and reassurance that everything was going to be okay. 
     Fast forward eight years, 13lbs., and two children later...
     I know have a career, my kids are in school, and this new season of life has been difficult for our little guy. He spent countless hours in his kennel patiently awaiting the arrival of his buddies. He was such a good boy. I encouraged him to play outside so he could get some exercise. I felt guilty that I couldn't show him the attention that I thought he deserved. My attention is demanded by a grown man, little people, my business, and so much more.

     The thing is, is that I didn't realize this until after he left. It is like my brain has been stuck on autopilot, and I have been going through the motions to get through the day-to-day routine. My boy has ran away, yes. But I have faith that we will find him. I feel that in some ways this has been a blessing to me and my family as we have all been dealing with this in our own ways. In the past two weeks, my daughter has learned empathy. My son has learned to persevere. My husband has been more compassionate. I have learned patience and so much more.

     I am hopeful that we will find our boy. We have had great success networking in our wonderful, little community. There have been so many people searching and helping us in the search. We have had several sightings, and I know that they will soon lead to his rescue. I am going to continue being patient and have faith that this will all work out.
Please pray for him!

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