St. Patrick's Day Craftivity

26 February 2018

 I love to make goodie bags with my students! They also get a kick out of doing it too! I decided to do something clever a couple of years ago. My kids kept asking if they could make leprechaun traps, and honestly, I knew I didn't have enough supplies for it, nor would all of my kids participate. So I decided instead, to have students create a simple bag. The assignment was to bring in THREE objects that would lure the leprechaun.

First we read some Facts About Leprechauns to make inferences on what the leprechaun might like. Then the kids made their St. Patrick's Day Craftivity.

After a few days the students brought in their bags. They took turns speaking and listening to give clues to the other students as to what was in the bag.

Here's the best part... THERE WAS A CONNECTION TO READING COMPREHENSION! This was the perfect for my second graders. They had to make inferences based on the clues. Not only did they have to research and make discoveries about what leprechauns liked, but they also had to infer what the other kids would bring.

Later that day, we went to lunch. When we came back, the Leprechaun had come into our room. There were green footprints all over the floor and sink. The desks were destroyed, I mean destroyed. He was definitely looking for something. He also left the kids some treats in their bags. I think this is because they weren't trying to trap him. My kids were excited to see that he liked their goodies!

Check out this little craftivity here and leave a comment below to tell me how it went for you and your kiddos. What kinds of leprechaun experiences have you had?

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